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                            Hotel Helvetia & Bristol


Noble and proud, the heart of Florence provides the setting for this splendid, regal establishment, which will welcome you with all the mystique of a history stretching back over a hundred years.

Helvetia & Bristol - Florence
Via dei Pescioni, 2 - 50123 Florence 
Phone +39 055 26651 - Fax +39 055 288353




2   Boscolo Hotel Astoria  


The Boscolo Hotel Astoria is the ideal choice for your stay.    You'll be accommodated in the rooms of the Palazzo Gaddi and Palazzo Arrighetti, historic buildings belonging to noble Florentine families, where art recounts the passage of centuries every step of the way, from the lobby to your room.    Indeed, it was while living at Palazzo Gaddi that the great English author John Milton found inspiration for his masterpiece, Paradise Lost, and in these very rooms that he wrote it.


Boscolo Hotel Astoria 

Via del Giglio 9


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