Cooking Lessons 

Enoteca Bene Vobis

Three essential elements have formed the tuscan gastronomic traditions: 


The "poor" peasant tradition with the emphasis on bread soups, vegetables, beans and eggs, with very little meat.

The middle-classes cooking probably is very similar to today's.  

The aristocratic cooking which, due to Catherine de' Medici,  influenced French cooking.
Fundamental ingredients are:

Bread - unsalted, well-baked with crust

Extra-virgin olive oil

Grilled meat

Fresh vegetables

Wine ( Chianti )
Obviously such a simple and natural cooking depends on the freshness and quality of the ingredients.  




Enoteca Bene Vobis


via de’ Serragli 78/R

Florence (San Frediano quarter)  


We will teach you to understand that Tuscan dishes reject any frill, but they are prepared with common sense and imagination, while giving the utmost importance to the freshness and quality of ingredients.


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