Ristorante "Europa 92" 



Stradello Nava 8 - 41100 Modena - Italy 

Tel. 059 460067

The Restaurant Europe 92 is situated in the modenese countryside, a place of peace and serenity,  amongest the green and away from the deep frenzy city.    


In summer it offers the possibility to have close contact with the competiters and the hosts of the international horse competition,  Pavarotti International C.S.I.O of Modena, the competition been born from the passion for horses and the contests of jumping obstacles of Master Luciano Pavarotti.     In the garden an area has been organized aperitives, cocktail and buffet. 


During the sunset or the evening, the coolness of the trees and a bloomed garden, receive the hosts in a relaxing and romantica atmosphere.


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