Tour Suggestions in Lombardia

Whole Day Tours of Lazio:


1 - Milano / Lago d'Orta
2 -
Como & Bellagio



Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci   The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele


Options are wide and various - we will make sure that your expectations are met by our English spoken driver.  Tell him what you wish to see and if you want to spend more time in one place than another.    Along the way, the areas of interest he will explain to you, please ask questions and discuss with him.


Milan City Tour


• Duomo -  city's most famous landmark and symbol, located in the main square of Milan.  Was one of the largest cathedrals in Europe and you can take an elevator to the roof level  to admire the gothic architectural structure and for a view of the Piazza below.

• La Scala or Teatro della Scala - visit the large opera house to view special exhibits, or to attend a ballet, opera or other theatrical experiences.

• Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in this ancient shopping complex, with its many shops and cafes.  It's one of the largest galleries in Europe. Look out for the picture of a Bull on the floor, which tradition says you ought to spin around its testicles in order to make a wish.

• Santa Maria delle Grazie - In this gothic church, you can view Leonardo DaVinci's renowned masterpiece, "The Last Supper." - reservation is compulsory*

• Milan Markets - Avid shoppers won't want to miss out on a trip to one of Milan's many mercati. The Mercatone dell'Antiquario del Naviglio Grande is an antique market featuring over 400 merchants selling everything from books to furniture. The Mercato di Vivale Papiniano is one of Milan's largest markets and
is filled with bargains. This market is known for it terrific fashions, most notably its shoes.


Lunch time - Some point of the Tour you may wish to stop for something to eat.  Maybe a snack or a typical lunch in a little neighborhood restaurant (at your own expense).


La Scala   Castello Sforzesco


• Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecina 'Leonardo Da Vinci (The Science and Technology Museum). Houses the world's best scientific and technological collections including a separate area known as the Leonardo Da Vinci Gallery, which of course showcases the inventor's great ideas.

• Giardini Pubblici (The Public Gardens) - Designed back in the late 1700's, these beautiful park gardens provide breathtaking views. Another welcome addition to the park is the Boschetti, or the little woods.

• Castello Sforzesco - a fine example of Renaissance Architecture and one of the oldest castles originally built by the Visconti and Sforza family, rebuilt several times throughout history.  Today, it is home to several major museums — the Museum of Ancient Art, Prehistoric and Egyptian collections.

• Corso Di Porta Romana - A walk through this ancient Roman gate will lead you into many culturally rich attractions, including the renowned University Bocconi, a well-established business university, and the Parco Ravizza, a garden park.

• Cavalli Cafe -  fashionable and sophisticated evening, owned by fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. At this posh and chic cafe, you can enjoy the fine interior showcasing Cavalli's design.


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and / or *


• Lago d'Orta - inspired poets like Browning and philosophers like Nietzsche.  Cited by many as "one of the most romantic Italian lakes", small and calm, since '700 century.   It lies to the west of Lake Maggiore, in the northern Italy, between the Valsesia and Lago Maggiore.   Linger for a while and take in the beautiful serene scenery, or head on over to San Guilio, a nearby, old town built around the lake.


* Lago d'Orta could be included with the Milan trip, it all depends on your requirements and if time permits.  Discuss with your driver it can be discussed and decided along the way. For further information any questions that you wish to be answered please contact us directly on our 24 hr service.



                         San Giulio - lago d'Orto
  Huge monument left to






Tempio di Alessandro Volta


Private Tour with a qualified english speaking driver.  Transfers included


This tour can be done in one day (parting in the morning by boat for Bellagio and visit Como in the afternoon) or split into two days (visiting each town per day).  This is of course depends on your leisure time.  For further information any questions that you wish to be answered please contact us directly on our 24 hr service.




Como is really a must for any architecture enthusiast and is perhaps the most famous town on the lake, very lively and charming, and very popular among the tourists.


• Duomo - famous landmark at Piazza Cavour with its gothic facade and renaissance dome, a very impressive cathedral in the heart of the town.


• Church of San Fedele, a Romanesque church erected in the 12th century and at the top of via Cantω nearby the old walls most impressive standing tower.


• the Porta Vittoria, the Romanesque Church of Sant'Abbondio with its beautiful paintings dating to the XI century.


• ‘Casa del Fascio’, possibly Giuseppe Terragni's most famous work, described as an early "landmark of modern European architecture.


• ‘Monumento ai caduti’ again by the Terragni


• Teatro Sociale by Giuseppe Cusi,


• Museo archeologico "P. Giovio" and Museo Storico • Museo della Seta •  Tempio Voltiano, a museum devoted to the famous scientist, Alessandro Volta who was originally from the town of Como and the inventor of a battery, the first reliable source of electricity.  The self standing building was built as a classic temple with marble columns and mosaic floors.


• aero club with hydroplanes landing and taking off from the lake.


•  The Promenade - leads to the beautiful Villa Olmo.  It runs along side the many splendid villas by the lakeside.  A must if you are romantic !


• small medieval castle Castello Baradello (climbing its tower there is wonderful view of Lake Como).



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Park around the water-front -Como

  The Promenade - Como




Bellagio is a chic, classy town, very touristy during high season. There are many gorgeous villas, with fantastic view, and even if you can't buy one, you can always go and look around, and admire.


• you'll visit the downtown - it's beautiful and picturesque, very romantic, with small narrow streets, so typical for Italy, lovely decorated shops, little hidden passages with lovely view, colourful houses  etc.

• Basilica of San Giacomo -  built from around the end of the 10th century to the beginning of the 12th century, is considered an excellent example of Roman - Lombard architecture.

• VIlla Melzi - one of the most famous and  beautiful villas on the lake, with  lovely gardens full of colourful flowers and foliage, stroll around and enjoy what the eyes behold.


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Your driver will return you to your destination - hotel, station, airport or port of call - with a warm roman farewell!  


                         one of the many narrow streets - Bellagio
   Villa Melzi - Bellagio




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