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Aquarium -Genoa


Entrance of the Palazzo Ducale - Genoa


The most scenic and comfortable package will be arranged for you to maximize your vacation, and you will have the opportunity to visit and explore some of the most beautiful and historical sights.  In addition, you will experience authentic Italian cuisine, and sample some of the finest wines in the world.


We will make sure that your expectations are met by our English spoken driver.     Along the way, the areas of interest he will explain to you, please ask questions and discuss with him.




A beautiful city with a beautiful sea that blends with the nearby mountains.  It is the capital of the Province of Genoa and of the region of Liguria.

Main features of central Genoa include:


• Piazza de Ferrari, around which are sited the Opera and the Palace of the Doges. There is also a house where Christopher Columbus is said to have been born.

• Strada Nuova (now Via Garibaldi), in the old city, was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2006. This district was designed in the mid-16th century to accommodate Mannerist palaces of the city's most eminent families, including Palazzo Rosso (now a museum), Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Grimaldi and Palazzo Reale. The famous art college, Musei di Strada Nuova and the Palazzo del Principe are also located on this street.

Other landmarks of the city include:

• St. Lawrence Cathedral (Cattedrale di San Lorenzo),


• the Old Harbour (Porto Antico), transformed into a mall by architect Renzo Piano.


•  famous cemetery of Staglieno, renowned for its monuments and statues.


• Museo d'Arte Orientale has one of the largest collections of Oriental art in Europe.


• Castello d'Albertis -19th century neo-gothic castle, once home to explorer Enrico Alberto d'Albertis, now houses the Museum of World Cultures.

• Aquarium of Genoa is one of the largest in Europe, located in the u old harbour.

• Port of Genoa also contains an ancient lighthouse, Genoa's landmark, called the "Torre della Lanterna" (i.e., "the tower of the lantern"). It is the oldest working lighthouse in the world, also one of the five tallest, and the tallest brick one.

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One of the many Genoa's square -  Piazza de Ferrari


Saint George palace






Portofino harbour


Our trained chauffeurs will give you a narrative drive along the Italian Riviera and will answer all your questions along the way.  The  winding road to Portofino is said to be the one of the most beautiful coastal road in Europe.   Breathtaking panoramic views at every bend.  We will pass through Rapallo on our way to Portofino, you'll be stopping off at some charming coastal villages on our return tour; Santa Margherita and maybe Camogli, of course this depends on your leisure time and needs.


Portofino and /or San Fruttuoso Abbey Tour


Portofino - here we will relax and stroll around the small town and port, hear the sea, take a rest at the end of the  Marconi quay, along the leftside of the habour.  There is a small wine bar where you have an occasion to drink something seated less than one meter from the water.


•  View of the harbour  and from the surrounding hills, one could spend the entire day marveling at it.


• Church of St. Martin (Divo Martino) is a quaint, stylish little chiesa from the 11th century, it is around the corner from the harbour square, tucked away in a corner, is also worth a visit.  7It's definitely worth taking a casual stroll around it.


• Going up towards the promontory you come across the church Saint George and...


• Castello Brown is a 16th century castle/fort, once used for the area's defense, but now primarily a museum with a fantastic view of the harbor and the Mediterranean Sea.

and /or


• San Fruttuoso - (Depending on time factor and weather conditions), you may get a chance to visit San Fruttuoso Bay and its Christ of the Abyss. The only way of getting there is by sea or walk (about 75 mins).  You can choose a public boat at reasonable price. If the money is not a problem, try to rent a small taxi boat.  It's a very unforgettable experience.  But this is always best to discuss with us beforehand.


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Lunch time - Some point of the day you may wish to stop for something to eat.  Maybe a snack or a typical lunch in a little restaurant in the square (at your own expense).  This has to be arranged ahead of time for reservation, taking in mind, the week-end or public holiday crowds!

• Rapallo, the largest town on the Levante Riviera, although it is not as well-known as nearby Portofino and Santa Margherita  town, it has the typical aristocratic quality of the Riviera, seen in the villas and large hotels built from the 19th century.



• Santa Margherita, an elegant international tourist destination with a unique atmosphere. Nestling around the port, its special charm lies in the unusual mix of nautical and Belle Epoque styles.


• Camogli - Camogli is a small town , built into the hills of the Ligurian coast, one of the best places to snap photos of the colourful houses along the promenade.   Some of the frontage have been painted only, it is done in such a perfect way, that even standing in a short distance, you may think that they are real.


• 2nd Sunday of May the  Festival of Fish  takes place; on the occasion, two very large pans, 4 meters in diameter with a 6 meters long handles, imagine how many kilos of fish are fried in one go!


After an enjoyable outing, your driver will return you to your destination with a warm farewell!  




St Martino Church - Portofino

  San Fruttuoso Abbey













La Spezia

Private Tour with a qualified english speaking driver.  Transfers included

La Spezia - Riomaggiore (Cinqueterre)

This trip is designed for those who haven't much time to see the Cinque Terre ie The five towns: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.   So we have choosen one for you to see - Riomaggiore which is close to La Spezia.


Your driver will meet and drive you to the town of La Spezia & Riomaggiore.   Along the drive, your chauffeur will make sure that you are taken care of and answer all your questions that you may wish to ask.  



La Spezia


• we may stroll along the shore line and visit some of the following places...


• Cristo Re dei Secoli ("Christ the King of Centuries", cathedral), consecrated in 1975. The project was by Adalberto Libera

• Abbey church of Santa Maria Assunta ("Our Lady of the Assumption", 13th century).  It houses a considerable series of artworks, some of them coming from other suppressed religious institutes.   They include an Incoronation of the Virgin by Andrea della Robbia, the Multiplication of Bread by Giovanni Battista Casoni and st. Bartholomew's Martyrdom by Luca Cambiaso
• Civic Museums, which collected most of the finds from Lunigiana,
• Castello di San Giorgio (ancient fortified manor'600 from which one can admire a beautiful landscape)

• Museo Tecnico Navale (Tech Museum Naval) means of transport used in the first World War and many historical pieces of Italian Navy.
• Ethnographic Museum - collected pieces of history Lunigiana, 800-900
• Museum Lia retains numerous paintings and works of art of the XIII-XVIII century.


Lunch is an option, it can be discussed and decided along the way.  There are many restaurants and hotels where one can sample the local cuisine suiting your requirements.


Riomaggiore - This is one of the villages of the Cinque Terre which is an interesting tourist destination on Italy's coast.


•The harbour at Riomaggiore is pretty tiny!  There is a steep ramp for small fishing boats and it is very rocky.  There is a path along the edge of the harbour where you can sit and look out at the ocean and the brightly coloured boats. 


As all of the Cinque Terre villages Riomaggiore also has those small alleys to discover! They are shady, which is nice in summer time and they usually lead to interesting places to discover and explore!  Very idyllic, too



Your driver will return you to your destination - with a warm farewell!  










 Private Tour with a qualified english speaking driver.  Transfers included

Cinque Terre

The highlight of a trip to the Cinque Terre is a hike between the 5 villages.


Your driver will meet you and along the way he will make sure that you are taken care of and answer all your questions that you may wish to ask.   You'll be driven to Riomaggiore or Monterosso al Mare, (this depends on where you are picked up) where you will start your hike.


You will be picked up at the other end.


The distance from Riomaggiore to Monterosso al Mare is 12kms, and a lot of the trail is steep and rocky.


• There are paths connecting the Cinque Terre along the seaside and carved into the rocks.  To hike all five towns takes about 6 hours


• Or go up along the hills through pinewoods to a church or a sanctuary which could be 2 hours depending on which footpath you choose and where you start from.


Take the Lover's Pathway between Manarola and Riomaggiore which is about 35 minutes.  There are unlimited choices to suit the ability and the interest of the hiker.


Lunch can be taken in one of the villages, tasting some of the local sea-food and cuisine, or take along a pre-pared pick-nick lunch.    This can be discussed with your driver.


After the hike you will be returned to your destination - with a warm italian embrace!   


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                         Along the coastal path
  Monterosse al Mare








Private Tour with a qualified english speaking driver.  Transfers included

Lerici - La Spezia - Portovenere

Your driver will meet you and then will drive you the sea-side villages. Along the drive, your chauffeur will make sure that you are taken care of and answer all your questions that you may wish to ask.  Our first stop will be Lerici, then passing through - la Spezia we then will adjourn to Porto Venere in the afternoon - whole day tour.



Once we arrive at Lerici we will take a stroll through the village to the the water shore, here we can admire the small inlet with the castle that almost dominates the bay.


• Lerici Castle houses the Museum of Geopalaeontology, which was created after the discovery of prehistoric remains in the area.
Furthermore the castle is also used as a venue for important cultural events.



Lunch time - Some point of the day you may wish to stop for something to eat.  Maybe a snack or a typical lunch in a little restaurant, tasting the local cuisine.   Discuss with your driver.




is near La Spezia.  The landscape is breathtaking. It is an old fishing village with colourful houses along the promenade by the shore and the marina and the fishing boats provide yet more colour to this characteristic village.  At the end of the promenade you will come across a church which seem to be fused into the rock, located on top of a high cliff overlooking the sea.


Your driver will return you to your destination  - with a warm italian embrace!   



La Spezia






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