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Liguria has something for all ages and everyone.  From the sandy beaches to the terraced hills, to the magnificent cities, it is a perfect place to linger in any season. Sailing and diving, spectacular mountains, sculpted by wind and water, offering trekking, mountain biking, rafting and climbing opportunities.   But Liguria is not only for the active and beach lovers, it is also rich in cultural experiences.   Small inland villages where ancient rural traditions are still followed, offer a peak into the folklore and gastronomy specialties.



The region is still very much alive with craftsmen skilled in making the products that have stood the test of time.  Precious gold and silver filigree jewelry, silk damask produced in the Zogli area, lace, embroidery and macramé items in Portofino, Rapallo and Chiavari and pottery made in the distinctive white/blue pattern continue to be crafted.  Wood and straw and their combinations are produced in Chiavari, where the famous campanino chairs are made.  The small village of Pietrabruna produces the ancient essence of lavander, and throughout the area there are the traditional wooden pestle and marble mortar for preparing pesto. Flowers have become a major product due to the region’s temperate climate, and are available everywhere in every color and variety from tulips to exotic species and fresh herbs.















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